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Anonymous asked: Randa!!


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Anonymous asked: What do you think of girls going into the tunnels



if they come with me then I have no problems 👍👍

Boyzzzz always thinkin’ we need them to hold our hands through errryyythanngggggg like we can’t do anything ourselves. Any girl is quite capable of going underground, I’ve been down myself for years and everything has been fine every single time. And also just saying it wasn’t girls all over the news for being in tunnels, it was a bunch of dummy boys and it’s boys who have plastered their videos all over the media, so if you really look at it boys ruin everaayyythaaannnng #girlpower #sailormoonismyhero #girlsrule #boysdrool


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syd city

The sky was on fire

The sky was on fire

Anonymous asked: so my girlfriends birthday is coming up, i was thinking flowers, chocolate, and a bracelet. what would you recommend i get her??

Depends what your girl likes. Most chicks would dig that tbh (sorry for the late one)

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